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Coral Cleaner

Coral Cleaner


Coral Cleaner frees newly imported or newly bought corals from parasites. At the same time it prevents in a natural way bacterial infestations.

Coral Cleaner is easy to use. A little goes a long way. We recommend that as a prophylactic measure you always give new corals a coral bath. This way you can avoid introducing parasites or illnesses into your aquarium.

Add 1 measuring spoon Coral Cleaner in 500 ml Aquadest or tap water, mix well. Do not use any metal containers. Then add 5 Liters water from your aquarium. Let the corals that are meant to be treated bathe in this solution for 2-3 minutes.
Place the corals in your hand. The polyps or coral webbing should point downwards, and then shake vigorously in the solution. Wait until the particles have been released and then shake vigorously once more. Finally, rinse the corals in clear aquarium water.
Now you can place your corals in your aquarium. There is always a slight chance that some eggs are still attached to the corals.
This is why we recommend repeating this procedure after 7 days so that any eggs that might have hatched can be discarded and new parasites are not given a chance to develop. The solution can be used for up to 5 hours. After this time, please discard. Coral Cleaner is recommended for all Zoanthus, Corallimorpharia, soft and leather corals, stone corals LPS & SPS.

Article no. 393
Made in Germany

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